What Careers Can You Pursue With a Child Development Degree?

Child development is a field that studies kids, from newborns to adolescents, in areas like physical development, motor skills, intellectual development, language, and emotional development. This is a great field to consider if you want to work with children, but aren’t interested in becoming a teacher. Just want can you do with a degree in child development. Here are some of your career options.

Social Service Career

One of the most common career choices for child development students is to work in the social services field. In social services, you could become a case manager, counselor, or administrator, working with government departments or charitable organizations to help children and families in trouble, develop better policies and laws for children in your state, and more. This type of career path requires and incredible amount of empathy, strength, and ethic, as you’ll face tough decisions regarding children on a daily basis.

Research Career

With a degree in child development, you can take an academic path, working on research in this area to understand developmental science better. Sometimes jobs in this area open up in labs and related facilities, but most people choose to become a professor in this field, using their tenure to complete research projects important to child development.

Education Career

Of course, education is also a huge opportunity for you if you’re looking for a career path with your child development degree. You can work as a K-12 educator (elementary or secondary) or you can specialize in early childhood education or special education. If you don’t want to get a teaching certificate, there are other educational options as well – you can serve as a leader at a community organization (like the YMCA), become a teacher assistant, work in a day care center, work as part of an after-school program, become a tutor, or teach parenting classes, just to name a few of your options.

Child Care Career

Lastly, you can use a degree in child development to work in a child care position, not just in a day care center, but also in child care centers at hospitals, community facilities, camps, and more. You can also become a nanny or au pair, and of course, this type of degree definitely prepares you to be a parent, either naturally, as an adoptive parent, or as the parent of a foster child.

Online Degrees in Child Development

Kaplan University — Kaplan provides competitive degree program in the field of child development including: a BSPY - Child Development that prepares students to pursue career opportunities in childhood education, human services, and community work by showing how psychology can be applicable to a wide range of issues in problem solving; the BS - Early Childhood Development provides students applicable to the development, nutrition, health, and caring for kids with special needs.
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Ashford University — Ashford University offers many children study degree programs including: a B.A. - Child Development provides the skills necessary to obtain a rewarding education and teaching career; a BA/Social Science - Child & Family Development allows one to develop a sound understanding of society; the M.A. - Ed - Child Development program shows how to examine developmentally appropriate methods for teaching young children. Ashford is accredited by WASC Senior College and University Commission, 985 Atlantic Avenue, Ste 100, Alameda, CA 94501, 5107489001, www.wascsenior.org.
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Southern New Hampshire University — Southern New Hampshire University's BA - Psychology: Child Development program preps students to utilize the field of psychology and apply it to child and adolescent development, and therefore meet the physical, social, psychological and cognitive needs of young people. The program stresses experiential learning, so you'll have plenty of opportunities to gain real-world experience by doing internships, a practicum or research and volunteer projects.
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Post University — Post University's BS in Child Studies program is designed for adults interested in or working for agencies and programs serving children, youth and families. Such a degree will help one to develop the knowledge and enhance the skills one needs to advance one's career in the fields of child advocacy, child protection, and program development and administration.
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Walden University — Walden University offers several degree programs in child development including: a BS Child Development - Preschool degree focuses on the roles and responsibilities of the preschool professional; a BS Child Development - Infant/Toddler degree that examines the foundations of development of infants and toddlers; a BS Child Development - Dual Concentration degree combines the knowledge of the aforementioned degrees; a BS Child Development degree teaches how to foster the success of young children; a BS Child Development - Adolescent Studies is designed for individuals interested in working with young people from ages 6 to 19.
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